Adopt Eric at Forest Dog RescueMeet Eric who is due to come into rescue as his owner is working long hours. This is what his owner has to say about him :

“Eric has a lovely, friendly, gentle nature. He is very good with humans and used to being with children. He happily plays with my son (13) and allows him to dress him up and muck around. He has never once shown any aggressive behavior towards humans.

He is well socialized with other dogs and happily greets them with a wagging tail. He likes to chase cats, birds, squirrels! He cannot ever be trusted with sheep – he will chase.

Eric does come back when he is let off the lead and called, particularly for treats. He has selective hearing when there is some thing to chase! He needs a secure garden as he loves playing out side but is tempted to wander off.

Eric is house trained, he wees on command and prefers to not poo in his garden. He knows he is not allowed on to sofas or beds. He is a well behaved little dog. He welcomes people but he does not pester people for attention. When I used to work at home he just liked sitting next to me.

Eric travels well in the car, he usually sleeps in his bed in the foot well or in the boot compartment.

He is a great little dog who deserves a loving , good home ”

We found Eric to be a gentle soul who loves people but is calm and quiet. Walks well on the lead and was not bothered in the slightest with the other dogs. No cats for this chap and no children under 5 years. Will make a cracking family pet.

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