Ralph is a large cross breed puppy, probably a Mastiff size boy. He is living with a foster carer and he’s doing really well.

This is what Ralph’s foster carer says about him ….”He’s definitely dog friendly, though can be boisterous in play and doesn’t understand a growl or telling off (yet). He doesn’t pester our more timid dog too much though, which is good.

He’s getting better with his housetraining – I’d say we’re on a 25% success rate which is fantastic in the first day. He’s gone to the door a few times which is really promising.

He is incredibly clever and food orientated, he came with a Fantastic “sit” and walks beautifully on a lead and he’s well on his way to learning “wait” for his food, “stay”, left spin, left and right paw and lie down.

He was super in Pets at Home and made friends with all the staff!

He’s a bit scared of my bunnies but I’m doing slow introductions. We’re taking him to a stable yard soon to introduce him to horses.

We’ve met two other dogs out which he’s sniffed calmly which was lovely.

He’s still obviously a bouncy puppy and learning manners but the improvement in just 24 hours is immense. Ralph will be a great addition to the right family!

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