Adopt Ben at Lurcher SOSBen is a large male Lurcher, he was born 4/3/16 and will reach approx 27/28 inches to the shoulder as an adult.
Ben is housetrained and crate trained. He is good in the home, settles well at night and when left for reasonable periods. He travels well in the car. Ben is in foster with cats and, although he tries to play with them at times, could live with one or more dog savy cats.
Ben is very affectionate, responsive and loving with people he knows. He is aloof with strangers and will ignore them completely. He occasionally barks at strangers in his home at first, but quickly settles down to sleep as if they were not there. Ben is in foster with other dogs whom he gets along with very well, he does not resource guard and is playful and respectful, however strange dogs intimidate him. He would be very happy as an only dog but could live with another steady dog if introduced over a few meetings.

Ben can be mildly lead reactive if a dog he sees gives negative body language but he is very responsive to positive correction and distraction methods and I feel he will soon be trained out of this. He walks very well on his lead.
Ben does not like children or dogs that get in his face and, if his “leave me alone” body language is ignored he will bark at them to go away. For this reason we will not home Ben with children under 13. We would like a sighthound experienced home for Ben where his positive training will be continued. Ben is a wonderful pup, a complete clown, and has so much potential. In the right hands he will grow to be an incredible dog.

Ben is in foster in Essex

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