I am as handsome as my namesake (if you haven’t seen him, ladies, look up Greg Fitoussi on Google and you will see what I mean).  Not only am I handsome,  I have an inner glow.  There is something extra special shining out from inside me.  The kind people here tell me it is ‘presence’.  I am calm, gentle, affectionate, and have this air of grace and goodness that you cannot fail to notice – coupled with my extraordinary greyhound leans (I will limpet myself to your legs and lean in for as much fuss as you are willing to give me) – I am the real deal folks!

Everyone that has met me, seems to fall under my spell. It’s not an act I promise, I really am just a super-nice guy. I love a nice fuss, I love good food (well any food really) and I will love YOU beyond all measure. I suspect the feeling will be mutual in a nano-heartbeat, as whatever this special quality is that I have, I have it in spades and it is highly addictive.

To give you an example, I was visited last week by a volunteer (she is actually writing this, as I haven’t mastered the art quite yet) and she hasn’t stopped thinking about me since she left! She is usually a lurcher person but something about me caught her heart and she was enthralled by me. I know it sounds big-headed and that is actually not who I am at all but she was smitten and she thinks you will be too. Of all the wonderful dogs she met, I am the one she wanted to take home.

At just 3 years of age, I have wisdom beyond my years. I take things in my stride and think the best of everyone and everything. I haven’t seen much of the outside world yet but with you by my side, we can explore it together. I am going to make one awesome pet and I could live with other sighthounds but would probably be just as happy if it were just us. Being quite young, it would be nice to have company around but I am a greyhound, so sleeping is kinda my thing and I don’t need five mile hikes every day.

I know I am a black, male greyhound and I have lots of competition for your heart on here but anyone who meets me agrees, you aren’t going to find a better companion than me. There really is something intensely special about me and I will bring so much light to your life.

Come and meet me – you will see. x

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