This is Gollum, who is a Saluki cross puppy looking for a home.
He is approx 11 weeks old.
He was found having been dumped on a busy roundabout in Kent. Luckily the person who saw him stopped and caught him before he was killed on the road.
When Gollum arrived he had mange, had worms and was very thin.
He has now been flea/mange treated, wormed and fed up a bit!
Gollum is a very sweet puppy, but does have some issues that need working on.
Firstly he is very puppy mouthy. He has clearly never been shown any boundaries and thinks nothing of sinking his teeth into your skin/another dog’s skin.
He can live with other dogs (and does so here), but it needs to be a dog that will tell him off, but not go too far (here the choice was Sprout the Staffie as he is good with babies but firm with them when they go OTT).
At this age he has no reaction to cats, but care would need to be taken as this could change as he matures. A home without cats would take priority due to his breed as even now he is sharp to sudden movements.
Secondly, he struggles being left for long periods of time.
He panics if shut in a crate, although likes to sleep in a crate with the door open and will choose this over a normal dog bed.
He is extremely loud when he panics at being alone, so a patient and consistant handler is necessary and someone who will work through this insecurity as any harsh treatment will make him worse.
We have got him to the stage that he can be left and is quiet whilst the other rescue dogs are being walked and he sleeps soundly through the night.
Please consider that Gollum is just 11 weeks old and is not house trained yet.
Gollum will need an adult household only (his puppy mouthing would hurt young children).
His recall at the moment is very good. This may change as he gets older as he is a sight hound.
Gollum will be fully vaccinated and neutered before he leaves us and has now been microchipped.
There is a minimum adoption fee of £150 to go towards his vet costs.
A homecheck will be required.

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