Adopt Kelly at German Shepherd Rescue EliteTake a look at this gorgeous little lady, her name is Kelly. Another little baby needed some experienced GSD hands to take the leash and show her the right way. She is only 8 months old, not had a season yet, fully vaccinated and chipped.

This girl does have nervous aggression which will need an experienced owner to help her gain confidence and hopefully get past this stage in her life and blossom. She is not keen on children so a home without any would be good, has had very little socialising with other dogs so will bark and surge towards them, this too will need further work, cats unknown as with livestock.

She currently lives with 2  large dogs who she is fine with, she has nipped a workman when allowed to push past owner in the house due to her nervous aggression.

Our assessor walked her and she was good on the lead, did not pull, no recall as not let off lead, knows her basic commands, they met children and dogs while out on the walk but she did not bark or show much interest in them.

This poor lass just needs to be allowed to gain some confidence in the home and out and about, can you help her with this?

Kelly is now in our kennels and is improving everyday, she is gaining her confidence and learning that people are actually ok and the big world is not actually that scary!

On a walk today she had a fantastic time while walking out with Karma another poor lad who has been with us for far too long and they were licking each other, doing playbows, drinking from puddles together, generally enjoying each others company!

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Neutered: No
Good with children: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
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