• Murphy is a young lurcher boy – around 1.5-3 years old.
  • He is around 28 inches to the shoulder.
  • Murphy loves men and women – pretty much everyone in fact! He is a big teddy bear who craves love and cuddles.
  • He loves kids but due to his size and very bouncy nature will only be homed with children over 12 who are used to this kind of dog.
  • Murphy varies in his reaction to other dogs at the moment out and about – he barks at some and wants to play with others.
  • He is housetrained but is still learning to ask to go out.
  • He is not safe around small furries or livestock – but he can be distracted around wildlife.
  • He loves going out in the car and LOVES going to the vet!
  • Murphy will guard food from people and other dogs – his foster carers are working on his guarding around people.
  • Murphy can be exceedingly bouncy, especially around feeding times but if you are calm he is calm – he is making great progress in a short time with his training.
  • He is easy to read and if you enter a room and ignore him he will quickly realise you arent going to fuss him or talk to him until he is still.
  • He is in foster near Middlesborough.
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