Rocco is a very happy lad! He loves people and thinks everyone should have a big bear hug! He can get very excitable when he first comes out for a walk and the first time we walked him here at the kennels he was a bit of a nightmare but we have been working with him and walking him on a gen-con. He now will walk nicely by your side most of the time so further training would be needed to get him walking nicely all the time.
Rocco loves to be off in our play pen where he loves to have a good run around and he sometimes gets to play with his best buddy Budda! He soon comes back to give you yet another bear hug.
Rocco has been walked round our fields with many different dogs here at the kennel and he has been very good, he would need some classes in manners as Rocco seems to think that every dog is like Bubba and doesn’t mind to be jumped on which we all know is not the case.
Rocco really is a lovely boy who in the right home that will give him the time and a bit of training he need he would soon become a great addition to the family.
Cat tested (was scared of the cat!) No children under the age of 5
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