Aero Bubbles


Hey, I’m ‘Aero Bubbles’ at @LeicsAnimalAid, I may be larger than life but please don’t be put off by my size and strength I’m a big softie at heart really. I love my cuddly toys so much so that I will bury or hide them from you so when your not looking I can sneak them out to play with.

I am very loyal and affectionate and if you don’t mind me on your settee or even laying on your knee that would make me really happy. If not I’m more than happy on the floor having a good belly rub and massage.

A home with older teenage children would best suit me as I don’t know my own strength and I forget how big I am! I can get a bit excited when I first go out on a walk so hold on tight!, not that I would get very far as I do prefer just short potters rather than a lot of walking.

I can be a little unsure of new people but with time and patience I am coming round and we could have lots of fun together. I would prefer to be the only animal in the house so I can all your attention on me, plus grooming me would take up most of the day!

I do have selective hearing so don’t think I’m being ignorant if I don’t respond, I’m happy in my own little world.

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