I am a gorgeous Estrela Mountain Dog who is approximately 8 years old. After my owner passed away I had to come into the centre which has been a big change as I have lived in kennels most of my life, so coming here and having my own sofa and television has been luxury.

Settling in has been a bit of a challenge as there are so many different things going on here. Lots of other animals around, different people, so many different smells, the list is endless. It takes me a little while to get to know new people but once I’ve made friends I’d quite happily have cuddles all day.

I am fairly good on my walk have good manners but I can react to certain things and as you can imagine I am quite a strong dog, so my new owner would need to be experienced and be able to handle me especially when I see other dogs and animals.

I am a big softy at heart and would love nothing more than to find my forever home. Do you have space for me?

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