Owner had Alfie since being a pup but she cannot cope anymore, he’s very strong on a lead.  Has lived with young child and a J.R.

Alfie went out on trial with another dog but has been returned, this is what she said about Alfie

So sorry we had to bring Alfie back today – we took him home for a trial yesterday. The problem wasn’t him – it was our other rescue dog Daisy! We knew she might be a bit of a diva but this morning she wouldn’t eat and she wouldn’t let him share her chair. I just wanted to feed back that in the home environment Alfie was just fine – went onto his new bed when we told him – played with a ball – was a bit whiny last night but less today and loves a cuddle bless him – we would have definitely kept him if it wasnt for Daisy. As for the pulling on the lead he eased off after 15 mins. A gentle giant. Hope he finds the perfect home soon – hopefully where other canines are more welcoming

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