Alfie is a beautiful 2 year old male Saluki lurcher. Alfie needs a Saluki experienced, quiet, adult home. He could live with a steady dog and can live with a confident cat if carefully introduced.
Alfie a happy, playful boy and very eager to please which makes him great fun to be around. He is a delight in the home. He is quite submissive and easy to train as he will do anything for a treat. Initially he chased the cat who was not dog savvy. However, in the last six months the cat has become much more dominant and they now get on really well together. He is very well mannered and even waits for permission to be allowed on the family sofa. Typically Saluki, Alfie tends to be shy around people he doesn’t know and will back off generally if people try to stroke him – he will growl if they persist before he is ready. However, he is very curious and if left alone will come up for a sniff and eventually let the new person stroke him but it has to be on his terms.

Alfie generally gets on with other dogs but gets nervous when he is on the lead and off lead dogs run towards him, he will react out of fear. He will sometimes race towards other dogs growling but then will run off when he gets close to them. When he was a year old he was attacked by a collie and had his rear leg badly damaged and needed surgery. For some time after that he was aggressive towards collies, however, he has had a lot of positive interaction with them since and is now much more confident around them. There are some dogs that he adores and has ‘best friends’ which he plays really well with.

Alfie would suit a much quieter household with less ‘comings and goings’. He would also benefit being around another dog which helps to give him confidence and he is generally much happier with dog company. Preferably with a large back garden not accessible from the front of the house so he can run around and let off steam. He needs to be with people who understand the breed. Alfie is great with children but he would benefit from being in a quieter home without children.

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