This poor old chap is on the look out for a new home after his owner sadly died. He is in a home right now so any viewings will need to be done via appointment at the kennels.
This adorable gent came up for an assessment with his current carer and was absolutely adorable the entire time! He is blind now as from January but is coping very well and we have been assured that it is an age related issue that does not require any medical intervention.
We picked him up, we cuddled him, touched him all over and fed him treats! He was amazing the entire time! He is apparently ok with cats too!!
Do you know someone that is in need of company? All we are asking for is lots of love and a secure garden for this guy to potter about in. A quieter home with no children would be ideal where this gorgeous chap can relax and chill out and enjoy being the center of someone’s world 🙂
Please call us, we are desperate to get this chap settled and happy.
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