Bentley (was Atlas)


Bentley is a one year old Galgo (Spanish Greyhound ) in foster in Maidstone Kent.

Bentley has had a very abused background, so is very timid and nervous. He has now been in a foster home since the new year and is so much better.  He is turning into a playful young dog and is very happy in the home.  He has started to really enjoy his walks and now walks with his tail out and not tucked in between his legs.  Once you have got his trust you will be rewarded with love and loyalty.

Bentley can live with other dogs and also cats, but not children – just because he is still a little scared and lively children making odd noises may scare him.

Bentley will be very nervous when you first meet him but you can see how he interacts and adores the kennel staff, so we know he can settle in a home.  He needs owners who will be very patient with him and let him do things in his own time.

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