Hey I’m ‘Angelic Aurora’ a real loyal and gentle soul who just needs that special home and owner who could show me the big wide world and all its marvels. I can’t wait to get back into a home where I will be doted on. Initially I am quite shy and reserved but over time my puppy side emerges and I am a typical youngster, full of character and very interested in everything that goes on! I love to learn and have mastered training with both hand signals and word commands, look at me!

I am more sociable when around other dogs and enjoy their company. I try and get them to play by sharing my toys and am always looking to find new friends when I’m out on walks. I lack in a lot of confidence requiring a relaxed adult environment where I can gradually build up that one to one bond with my new owner. I am still a little unsure of travelling in the car due to the motion so further introductions would be nice. I would need calming aids when there’s Fireworks and Thunder as I don’t enjoy the noise or vibration and certainly would love a patient owner who would help me with my toilet training.

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