Bailey & Lola


Bailey and Lola arrived in the care of SDR through no fault of their own.  They have always been together and little Lola becomes distressed if Bailey isn’t around.  Therefore we are looking for a new home where they can go together.

They enjoy being off lead in our enclosed areas and would enjoy having a good sized garden they can run around and play in.  They are both very active dogs and would enjoy going for lots of nice walks.  They will require a little further training, so new owners must be able to dedicate a little 1-2-1 time to each of the dogs for this.

Lola is the more sensitive of the two and although she can be a little worried initially when meeting other dogs, if they are calm and friendly she will interact nicely with them.  Bailey will happily say hello to the ladies, but he isn’t quite so keen on male dogs.  Bailey becomes quite protective of Lola when there are other dogs around, so he would benefit from a little further socialisation around other dogs.

In the right home, this gorgeous pair will make a truly wonderful addition.

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