My name is Bella! I’m a Stunning girl (and a little bit special!!) I was born in 2010, I have a tattoo & a microchip. I have had the vaccinations & been flead & wormed.

Since living in foster I have really come out of my shell and grown hugely in confidence.

I used to be nervous of a lot of things ….not anymore! I’m loud and bold and have a huge personality.

I now have a feeding routine and am excited to see my breakfast and teatimes come around. I am partial to treats too and am very gentle when taking them from adults and children.

I have also found out what toys are all about and especially like my squashy duck and my kong. My favourite thing to do in the garden is play football. I will do this until I physically struggle to stand so have to be told to stop.

I’m told I’m nervous around some men but if I’m unsure I just hide behind somebody I am confident with until I feel big again, a few treats and I’m anyone’s. Once I get to know a man I don’t leave his side.

I’ve learnt how to sit, lay down and give my paw so it turns out I AM quite clever and you can teach an old dog new tricks.
I like to go for a walk and now I have my halti lead it is a little more pleasant. I’m quite strong when out and very excited to see other dogs so I will give them plenty of verbal warning that I’m approaching. I wag my tail a lot but can be a little snappy when nose to nose so I might need a little bit of training with this. I’m also too posh to use the toilet when I’m out so will wait until I get home.

I travel well in the car , but please don’t take me to the vets because I turn into a quivering wreck. (I have been spayed, which means I had to visit THAT place again… most unpleasant!)

I am crate trained but I don’t need it really. When I’m left alone I sit and wait patiently for you to return, I don’t chew or wreck things and am very clean. I have never messed in the house. I sleep on the landing at night and I will let you know if I need a wee.

Aside from all that my favourite thing in the world to do is cuddle up with you (accidentally falling over to have my tummy tickled ) in front if the TV. I have a lot of love to give and form bonds very quickly.

P.S I don’t like cats AT ALL but I love kiddies and am not boisterous or pushy, I’ll just go lay out of the way.

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