Bella is a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel, originally imported from Lithuania as a tiny puppy.
As Bella got older her owners noticed that her eyes looked a bit odd and as she matured, she started to get reactive if anything made her jump.
She developed Entropian (her eyelashes grew into her eyes) and the operation to fix this was done successfully.
Her owners were still not happy with the way her eyes looked and took her to the vet to discuss them and the fact that she kept snapping.
The vet said she had Cocker Rage and that she should be put to sleep and that was why her eyes looked strange.
Her owners refused to have her put to sleep and was not happy with this diagnosis and so got a behaviourist to come in who confirmed that she did not have Cocker rage at all!
They struggled on, but things were very hard as there was a young child in the home and as time went on her reactive issues continued.
In the end they could not cope with her and handed her into rescue.
We took her straight to our vets who diagnosed her problem in one consultation – she has Microphthalmia (Small Eye) which is a genetic issue caused by bad breeding. It is what it sounds like…her eyes are too small for her eye sockets and do not work properly! This is why she got Entropian…because as she grew, her eye sockets grew to the right size ad her eyes didn’t, so it caused them to sag into her eyes.
As she got older she started to lose her sight and she is now at the stage that she is very nearly blind. This is what was causing her reactions to things that made her jump and her only form of defence was to snap and request that whatever was frightening her moved away. The original vet misdiagnosed this as Cocker Rage and she could have lost her life simply because she was going blind.

Once we knew what her issues were, we found it fairly easy to deal with. Bella is a dog who does not want to be smothered in love. She does not like her face being kissed, but she likes to lay on the sofa and have a cuddle.
She greets you when you come in the door and likes to have a greeting fuss when you arrive home.
She likes to be brushed, but hates her feet being touched, so we would suggest that feet trimming is done by a knowledgeable groomer. She has a beautiful coat that has not been shaved off and it does not overgrow, so if you enjoy brushing dogs then she could keep her coat as it is.
The reason that she can snap out is because she is scared by something that is happening at that time.
Bella does have needs meaning that she is looking for a specific type of home, so please read these before applying to adopt –

* Bella cannot live with children or have visting children.
* Bella would like to live as an only dog.
* She cannot live with cats.
* She needs an understanding owner who accepts that she will go completely blind at a young age. She has snapped at people before and did nip someone when they stepped back onto her by mistake.
* Bella must be walked strictly on lead. She gets lost and will bolt. She also gets worried about jumpy dogs but does greet calm dogs very nicely. She is very good on the lead and can be exercised on a long lead so that she can sniff and explore.
She loves her walks and will tire way after you!
* Bella loves her food. Care must be taken not to overfeed her or she will get fat.
* She is completely house trained. She will need a fully enclosed garden to wander around where she can have free roam.
* Bella’s eye condition requires no further treatment. There is no cure and it is not painful. Apart from her eyes, she has received a full health check and has been cleared as very healthy!
* There is no option that Bella is put to sleep for her issues. As with all dogs that leave here, if you cannot keep her, she MUST be returned to us. This is the most important adoption agreement point for this dog and this applies for the WHOLE of her life.

If you feel that you would like to accept Bella into your life and offer this special girl with special needs a home for life, then please get in touch.

She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. She will have her feet completely clipped out/nails cut when she leaves here and will be fully groomed. This will need to be managed by the new owner as when her feet hair grows, it pushes her toes apart and makes her uncomfortable.

A homecheck will be carried out and a minimum adoption fee of £150 applies.

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