Belle is a 41/2 month old patterdale (possible cross). She is looking for a home where she gets all she needs. Belle loves children and would prefer a busy family with some little ones to fuss and cuddle. Belle also loves other dogs and will not be rehomed where she will be an only dog. Her ideal dog companion would be a playful friend to run around with. Belle is an easy dog in a lot of ways. She is clean in the house, fine to be left for 3 or 4 hours and settles in her bed and sleeps with her doggy friends at night time. Unlike a lot of terriers she is not a big barker and is very sociable with all dogs she meets. She has encountered the household cat and would chase it if she wasn’t so scared of it, but she would chase a less confident cat.However she is by no means perfect and typical to the patterdale nature does still tend to pull on her lead. She is at the stage of chewing and will have a nibble on shoes or toys if they are in reach, she also is quite a food obsessed girl and thinks its ok to pinch if she gets chance. Her perfect home will have the time and experience to continue with the training she requires to make her a perfect little family dog.

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