Ben has found his way to us from Romania. We can only imagine the hell that he has endured. Ever since coming to the UK he has known little but upheaval, moving from kennels to foster home several times, and travelling half the length of the country in the process. He is now in foster with GSDR as he was in urgent need.

One might imagine that this sweet boy would appear stressed by his experiences. Not a bit of it! He settled immediately in his foster home and is described as “happy go lucky”. Ben seems to take events as they come, will play happily when he can with the family GSD pup, and is learning to relax when asked. He has clearly not had much experience of living in a home but is learning the house rules and abiding by these happily enough. He is already house trained and has attended his first obedience class where he conducted himself very well.

Our foster carer says that he is a sweet boy. He is a happy, playful dog and is good with cats and the two other dogs – a large male GSD pup and a small imperious JRT bitch. Outside the home he is wary of other dogs, but not aggressive. He simply needs more experience of the world and socialisation.

Ben is a German Shepherd type. He looks like a GSD but is undersized for a male of his age. This might be because of some mixed breeding or because he was malnourished as a pup. Having said that he is a handsome boy and would make a welcome, loyal addition to any home, with or without other dogs.

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