Bertie arrived at the pound on the 22nd August 2017, and arrived @MoorviewKennels on 1st September 2017. If Bertie had been at the pound any longer, he would have been sadly put to sleep – simply because he was homeless!

Bertie is a lovely calm boy who is quite content just laying on the floor near you. He knows basic command like sit and paw. He will take a treat gently, however purely out of politeness as he’s not keen on snacking between meals! Bertie loves fuss and cuddles, and will even climb on your lap if you let him. He especially enjoys a good back scratch.

Bertie has a lovely temperament and although has not yet been tested fully with other dogs, he has walked past others happily and wagging his tail. He seems quite relaxed in all situations and would probably be the type of dog who is happy spending a Sunday walking around with his owner, socialising, and having a drink in the pub!

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