Hey, I’m ‘Billie Piper’ a sweet and happy little soul who enjoys your company and will always greet you with a wagging tail and plenty of kisses. I do enjoy a good groom and would never turn down a massage! I have a fantastic character which will lighten up any lucky home and I can be heard playing with my toys from the other room. Being a terrier I have to show them who’s boss! I like venturing out in the car, every travel leads to a new and exciting place, possibly with a yummy treat at the end.

I do like to keep my carer on the ball by playing hide and seek with things I find… how am I to know they live in a certain place. I call it mental stimulation for both of us! I am an affectionate girl but do need time to bond and prefer to keep my feet on the ground not in your arms. I would love a home with older teenagers who I could snuggle up to and be the centre of attention as the only pet.

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