Sweet Blake has come into the Centre as his owners could no longer care for him. He can be quite shy at first but his personality soon shines through with affection and lots of cuddles and kisses. He is a very playful and happy boy who loves to be entertained and have constant human companionship. He loves being in the car and seeking out new adventures and enjoying a good groom.

Like any Collie, kennel life has been challenging for Blake to adapt to due to his intelligence and curious nature. He is sight and sound sensitive and is looking for a new owner/family that have plenty of time for him so he doesn’t become bored and anxious and entertain himself as youngsters often do by chewing. He will need a patient and experienced dog owner. He will benefit from on-going training and is currently walked on a harness.

Blake has been diagnosed with OCD, which is a painful joint disease affecting his right shoulder. This will require surgery and we are looking for a special home that will support Blake with his recovery. Full advices/support and cost of surgery will be provided by the Charity.

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