My name is Bozley and my friend Bev tells me I am a very handsome dude.
I found myself in the pound injured and covered in scars, I really don’t know what happened. It was a scary time and I had to go and see the vet person who did what they could to make my wounds better.

I am a real gentleman at the vets and give everybody loads of kisses as I know they want to help me get better.

I do have a heart murmur, but this is not causing me any problems (like other SSC dogs who have them too!)

I was lucky as then the lovely people at SSC came and rescued me and saved my life phew!

I love to go out with the walkers everyday . I don’t pull on my lead too bad, ok maybe just a little at first but I soon get into it . As we walk I like to check you are there with me.

I have walked well with a lady dog but between me and you I think I would like to live on my own. Although I don’t show aggression to other dogs My scars indicate I’ve had a really bad time with other dogs at some point.

I get in the SSC van without any issues. I am a little bit vocal when travelling until the music is on and if you like singing then we can sing together.

I haven’t met any cats yet but if you have some please let my Auntie Bev know and she will try and test me out with some to see if I like them.

I am very friendly but given all my injuries and unknown past I think it’s best that I only live with older children who have experience of slightly nervous dogs like me.

If you want anymore information about me please call my friend Bev on 07940 788990 and make both of our days.

Lots of love

Handsome Bozley


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