Hi, my name is Bridge.

I am a 5 year old Lurcher type.

I have been at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue for over two years now and I am still hopeful that I will find my forever home.

I could potentially live with another like-minded dog but I do not want to live with a cat.

I’d love to find a home with somebody that has owned a dog before. Ideally a Lurcher types so they can really understand my needs. I’d love a big garden to run around in so I can burn off some steam but a little walk everyday would be nice too. My recall isn’t 100% perfect but I am very smart and trainable so with a little work and a lot of cheese, I will be back by your feet in no time. I have a high chase drive but that’s what makes me a Lurcher. This means that I find small, furry critters very entertaining, which is why I would never be able to live with a feline companion.

I have been doing lots of training with my special behaviourist friend. She has been helping me learn how to act around dogs and boy has my behaviour improved because of it. I love playing with most dogs, so long as they can put up with my rough and tumble nature. I prefer smaller dogs as they are less intimidating but I could potentially learn to love bigger ones. Sometimes I get frustrated when on walks as what I really want is to be off lead, running as fast as I can, and saying hello to every dog that I see. Unfortunately when I get frustrated, I can spin and bark on my lead. This can worry other people and dogs but I don’t mean any harm! Plus, cheese and tasty hot dog sausage is more interesting to me so the best thing that somebody can do is get those ready for when I need to be distracted!

I know a few little commands, such as sit, paw, down and “touch”; however, I am always eager to learn more, I just need to find somebody that would be willing to teach me. I love doing everything that I possibly can to please, even if all I have to do is dish out some Bridge cuddles and kisses. So please, if you like the sound of me, or know anybody that would like to have me in their own, please ask about me in reception.

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