This absolute bundle of fun has come into us from another rescue. We rehomed her very quickly but unfortunately her owner discovered that Brittany struggles when left without a human for company.
As such, we are now on the hunt for her forever home that includes a human who is around for most of the time, at least in the early days.

The advantage of having her returned is that we have much more idea of her temperament and what she is like to have as a pet. Brittany was rehomed with another dog, a child and a couple of cats! She adored the dog, ignored the cat and was brilliant with children!

Brittany is a very sweet girl who has bags of energy, as lots of Beagles do. She loves to be cuddled and entertained by her humans. She is good around food not begging and also is very gentle at taking treats from children.

She is a bit of a live wire on the lead but does settle down after a while. she does love to have a play and charge around in the play pen too.

Brittany would we feel make an ideal family pet for the more active family who has someone at home most of the time. She will needs lots of attention and some further training to ensure she becomes the stunning dog we know she could be. If you have experience with dogs and think that you have the time to give to this stunning little lady, please give us a call at the kennels.

No children under 5

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