Hello my name is Bruce; I am a rough coated lurcher who is 14 months old.
You may have seen me here before but now I am a totally different dog. I used to be quite an anxious lad but boy you should see me now! This is thanks to two wonderful people and a lovely older dog. So I am now looking for my forever home.
I get on well with other dogs, people and children – in fact I absolutely love them. My two humans have two grandchildren of 6 and 10 who I love playing with. I am obedient, well behaved, house trained, loyal and fun. I come when called (without a treat) and I have never run away. On my lead I am learning to walk to heel, I sit when asked and stay most of the time and I’ll eat anything, except lettuce! I could live with children over the age of 6 and although I am ok with cats I don’t really want to live with one please.
I love playing with a ball and always bring it back, and I like spend my time playing, running and of course sleeping!
I am currently living with a couple who have an older sensitive bitch called Misty and here I have overcome my previous anxiety problems. I get on well with Misty, we can be left together on our own in the house or car but when we are on a walk together she finds me a little too much for her as I get excited and a little too boisterous as I’m a young playful boy. My owners tell me that I am an exceptionally wonderful dog and will be very sad when I find a perfect forever home. I could live on my own or with another (young at heart) confident dog.
I would like a sensitive, gentle mum or dad who will give me time to settle again in a new place, and have the time to spend with me and help me carry on my life in a way fun. This could be a retired person (but boy do you need to be fit :-)) or someone who is at home or works out of the home for short hours.

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