Bruce is a fun loving, energetic 11 month old pup who is a little down on his luck and has found himself in our care through no fault of his own. He loves people and just wants to be in the company of others. He is very excitable and loves to go for long walks. His prospective owner will need to go back to basics with his training, he is very boisterous just as you would expect a staffie pup to be! He is strong on the lead, but settles down after a while. He is very eager to meet other dogs, we don’t believe he has been socialised much and needs to learn some manners when greeting other dogs as he is very bouncy, but this is nothing can’t be fixed with a little practice. He loves to play and will bring you his ball. He is super affectionate and loving, always enjoying a cuddle on the park bench. Ideally we would like to rehome him with older children only, due to his bouncy-ness he would likely knock small children over. This boy will make a fabulous family member. We are ideally looking for an active and experienced dog owner who will not be phased by his bounce and take him through a good training routine.

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