Hello peoples, my name’s Buster, I’m new to having to do this, cos I never knew I’d have to be looking for a new home

My dad died a couple of years ago so I went to live with my auntie, but she can’t keep me anymore and sent me to these SSC peoples.

They put me in kennels, and I was such an unhappy boy, after walks I wouldn’t go back in (I’m a bit big to pick up!), and then when we got to the end of the lane we walk down I wouldn’t turn round to come back…….they had to send a car to get me!  I didn’t mean to be so naughty,  I just wanted to go back to my proper home. We all of us got very sad and upset.

I’ve been told to tell you that I need an experienced patient person to help me, I’ve never been taught to walk properly on a lead so I pull, and I get a bit noisy when I’m excited.

The SSC peoples say I’m lovely in my kennel, they came and sat with me with toys and treats and lots of cuddles, and they said I was so gentle and loving, I just seemed frightened of the unfamiliar world outside.

But now I’m in one of those frosty homes you keep hearing about, and I’m starting to relax with my new frosty mum.

I had to go on quite a long car journey to get to the frosty place, and I was such a good boy, I settled down in my crate very well. I did a couple of little whines just so my chauffeur would talk to me and reassure me, and then I was quiet again. I like playing with my toys, and will pick them up to come and show you what I’ve got, asking you to play with me.

 Do you think you could help me trust again and be happy again??

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