Buster and Millie


Buster and Millie arrived in the care of SDR through no fault of their own.

Buster & Millie, although not related have grown up together and are very bonded to one another.

Millie is the more laid back of the two but both dogs enjoy being active and exploring their environment.  They will need to have access to a nice sized, fully enclosed garden as they have no re-call at present.

It is advisable that they are fed separately, not because they argue over food, but due to Buster eating his quickly and then stealing Millie’s. Millie is a little overweight at present and is currently on a diet.

Owners will need to have had experience of owning more than one dog and we would recommend that the dogs attend training classes with their new owners.

They should be okay to be left for up to 4 hours, providing they have been exercised beforehand.

New owners should be prepared to give Buster & Millie lots of long walks (ideally in quiet areas to start) and provide mental stimulation.

In the right home with people who understand Terriers, this lovely, bonded pair will make a wonderful addition to an active home.

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