I am a lovely 10 year old Parsons Terrier looking for a new home after my owner sadly went into care. I am looking for someone special to take care of me as I am blind but please don’t let this put you off as this doesn’t limit me much!

A few of my favourite things are going for walks, playing with squeaky toys and scent work. Because of my lack of sight, I’ve gotten really good at using my other senses such as hearing, touch and scent. This makes for good training tools.

Being blind, I would love for my forever home inside to remain the same in order for me to get to know the rooms so I don’t bump my head! I do pace and bark at times however this is just me getting to know my surroundings and I would love someone to be around most of the time to reassure me of this.

I am very trusting and affectionate dog and the staff know that there is a loving home out there somewhere. Please help me to find it.

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