Calde is our super handsome Greyhound boy who has retired from racing.

Age: 3.5

Height: 27 inches to the shoulder

Other breed’s friendly: Definitely

Shih Tzu on lead test: Quite ‘interested’ at first, after a few parallel walks he didn’t seem to bothered and we even let him sniff her.  Perhaps her running off lead would be too ‘tempting’ at the moment

Other animals: Didn’t seem to interested by the sheep, goats and horses we walked past but he was so happy to be on a walk.

Child test: Passed our 5 year old test with flying colours and quite happy to be near other children out on walks

Walking on lead: Initially pulls a bit coming out of kennels but will settle down.  We think he is just happy to be out and about and the initial pulling isn’t out of control.

New Home: We think Calde could live as an only dog or with others as long as they were not small breeds and we think he would be fine to be left for a few hours (after initial settling in) and live with children.

Calde is a very happy chappy, loves his walks, completely zonked on his bed after his first proper Sunday outing (were were out for a fair while), was a little star when we stopped for our usual hot chocolate and cake tea room stop, didn’t seem to excited by the delights on our tables.

Calde is super handsome and loves his cuddles and were sure he will make a fab pet : )

Calde will be ready for homing from the 2nd January

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