Hey I’m ‘Callie Duquesne’ @LeicsAnimalAid, one highly intelligent lady who could show you a thing or two about training! Not only am I stunning and have brains, I’m an active girl who enjoys the outdoors and sunning it up. I would love to be relaxing on a hot Miami beach and enjoying the warm water over my coat. But I am more than happy to have a paddling pool in my new garden and a comfy bed to sit outside on.

I attract a lot of attention with my looks and people are amazed by my age as I enjoy being on the go. I love playing with my toys and being so inquisitive I can’t help but find something to learn about. Obviously with the aid of food is always rewarding.

I enjoy cuddles and would love a sofa that I could call my own and I love being in the car so I am all prepared for our adventures together. I would ask if we could buy a Hummer to complete my Miami dream but that might be pushing my luck so as long as I can slot myself into a loving home, I will be more than happy. I could potentially live with another compatible large breed dog and would love children aged 12 years and up who I could call my own cubs. I have been known to assist with any leftover food and have helped re arrange my previous home when I had been left for a long period of time.

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