Carly and Ruby


Hey, I’m Carly and this is my sister Ruby. Naturally we adore one another and are looking for that special owner who would rehome the pair of us, but love us both the same! I’m more outgoing than Ruby and enjoy running around with my toys getting all of the attention. I can be heard for miles when I have a squeaky and will try to climb on to your knee for a cuddle. I am happy for the odd tummy tickle and live life to the fullest. Ruby is a little shy so I have to keep watch over her as a sister does but once you know her she is a real sweetheart and full of love. If you are extra lucky she may give you a play bow.

We are both great in the car and enjoy travelling to new adventures and being taken on holiday. We are being weaned into the whole bathing and grooming routine as we were used to doing it ourselves in the rain and streams but we agree this way is much more lady like. We would love an older teenage home as Ruby is quite protective over her food and does not like to share. We would consider other animal playmates but are happy as just the two of us.

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