Hello, I’m Cash, and yes you guessed it, I got lost somehow, I’m not sure how come so many of us oldies get ‘lost’.  Do you think I’m a handsome boy, you can see how frosty my face is now, it used to be proper brindle like the rest of me!

So here I am with the Senior Staffy Club, who I know are going to do their very best to find me a home where I can be loved for my last few years.

My carers say what a pleasure I am to take for walks (we get taken for walks and cuddles every day, you know!), cos I’m so good on my lead. I like to have some sniffs in the grass to see who’s been about before me.

My hearings a bit dodgy, and I have a bit of arthritis in my back legs (not surprising given my age!), but I don’t let it bother me at the moment, although I wouldn’t like to go on very long walks…………..have you got a garden for me to play in and sunbathe in the summer?? Oh I would like that so much!

I pretty much ignore other dogs, but if they bark lots at me I stop and stare at them……for goodness sake, what are they making such a noise for? My carers think I may be a little dominant with other dogs, and would like me to have a home all to myself……ooh yes, please, all the cuddles for me!!  Not very good with those furry cats though, I’m afraid, just too much temptation to try and chase, lol!!

I can’t remember what I’m like with little humans, so me and my carers think I’d be best with ones a little older, who would understand if I wanted some peace and quiet sometimes.

I like going in the car, I usually just go to sleep, and I’ve been a very good boy with the vet man, even when he took my temperature!!

So would you like to come and meet me??  We could have cuddles, I love my cuddles, and oh do I laugh when you tickle my tummy, I just love it when my carers tickle me

Lots of love

Cash xxx

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