Say hi to Casper – currently a thin 7 yr old male English Bull Terrier.

What we know about Casper – he was first seen by another rescue where he was catapulted out of a car window onto a driveway of said rescue, and probably the start of Casper’s new chance at life. A deeper look on the CCTV saw a shy and shocked chap diving for cover, however the worst uncovered history was yet to come when a closer look found Casper covered in cigarette burns and several lashes on his skin. These seem to have been caused by a lead striking him several times. Must have been a sad and sorry existence for this little chap indeed.

Casper has now been saved by the team at Dun-Roamin’ after traveling a long distance to get to us and how grateful we are to be part of his rehabilitation program and hopefully speedy new home with caring owners. The stress of kennel life is getting to him, he’s losing weight he hasn’t got and we want an urgent home to the right owners a.s.a.p.

House-trained, an easy traveler and good to take to the vets. Boarded without issue next door to dogs so possible he may also be able to be homed with other animals.

Casper doesn’t know any commands because looks like no-one has bothered to teach him. Having never experienced life and all it’s glory Casper is easily excitable and tends to wear his stress levels on his sleeve as most bull breeds do.

As for rehoming…On a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a retirement home and 10 being a kids activity warehouse we are in need of an adrenaline free home so under the 5 mark. We would be so proud to get Casper homed with a Bull Breed and preferably rescue experienced home that is calm calm calm to allow him to settle and repair. Here we believe he stands the best chance of finding the home and owners who will give this boy the love he has so desperately lacked.

Can you offer CASPER the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact Laura at

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