Meet Cecil, a gentle dog who is definitely the favourite dog here at the East Yorkshire Centre. Cecil is a 6 year old large cross breed. Cecil came to us via a stray kennel, he was handed into the stray kennels from social services who had some concerns around Cecil’s welfare whilst in the home. In Cecil’s past he has suffered from a head trauma and bleed on the brain, sadly this has affected his stability when walking making him ‘wobbly’ on his feet. Thankfully what the injury hasn’t done is affect his spirit, his love of toys, or his love of people he has an amazing temperament. Cecil is looking for an open planned home or a home with large rooms where this will reduce his chances of bumping into things and falling over, ideally a large garden as well so he can potter about at his own pace. He can walk on a lead but is strong on the lead, he is unable to wear any stop pulling equipment such as a head halti or front clip harness as it could cause him to lose his balance. He is also looking for a home where he will have short walks as his stability is worsened in hot weather and when he is tired. Cecil is great around other dogs and could live with a calm dog like himself, he could also live with older dog savvy children. If you could offer Cecil his forever home please call the team on 01430 449112

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