My name is Chester and I will be 3 years old this month. I came into the centre as a stray having been wandering alone for quite a few days. Further investigations have discovered that I have had many homes already, 5 that are known about and from the information given, this simply hasn’t been my fault.

I am a big chunk of loving! I want to be everyone’s friend and sometimes I don’t always realise that I am quite a big lad (American Bulldog cross Boxer) and I might not always know when to turn down the ‘friendly’….. All I want to is share the kisses and the slobber but apparently that’s not everyone’s preference.

Now I haven’t had the luckiest of starts and have been passed around far too much but this really hasn’t affected my zest for life.

Just because nobody really knows ALL of my story I would like an active home that can keep up with me (and my cuddles) but also help me out with some basic manners. I am a dream to spend time with but older kiddies, if any, would best suit me. Someone to play football with would be great. I could possibly live with another dog but I am a bit of a bull in a china shop and don’t always understand why we can’t just play and play and play.

If you would like to show a dog like me exactly what ‘Happy Ever After’ looks like, please share or even better, give the team a call to see if we are a match. 01637 872976.

I don’t want to be unlucky again…….

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