Chico – Podenco x, Male (Neutered), About 3 years old, Vaccinated, Chipped, Has Pet Passport, Very gentle, affectionate and loving dog, will make a super pet. Chico is about 18 inches (40cm) at the shoulder, He is not Doberman, so don’t ask! lol

Chico was brought into the UK and homed by someone else but the new home has several dogs that did not accept Chico and kept attacking him, the owner gave Chico to us to rehome which was the right thing to do, he is a super pet and a lovely gentle dog.

Chico has a deformed right front leg from an injury (who knows what or how painful) which was never seen by a vet, It has healed crooked but he still uses it to a limited degree. He is an affectionate and lovely boy, gentle and faithful, will make a great family pet.
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