This active little chap is Chocky.  He likes to be on the go and is looking for a new home that can provide plenty of walks and mental stimulation.

Chocky is a dog that needs to use his brain and if he isn’t provided with an outlet he will become frustrated.  Chocky sadly isn’t very good around other dogs so is looking for a pet free home to join.

He would be better suited to live with older children.  Chocky is a typical Terrier and is into everything, he has an independent streak and likes to do things in his own time.  Chocky will be a lot of fun to have around, providing he is well exercised.

He would benefit from further training once he has settled into his new home.  This will also help build a bond with his new owners and in turn be more responsive to training.

Chocky will need access to a good sized, fully enclosed garden with 6ft fencing as he will not be able to go off lead in public areas due to his dislike of other dogs and his natural terrier instincts.

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