Coco is a big girl shes more poodle then Labrador she has lots of energy and loves a long walk. Sadly due to a family brake up she is now looking for a new start. Coco is very giddy around other dogs but likes to play,our dog behaviorist feels Coco would be more suitable in a home as the only dog We have been told she is better suited to a family with older children. She is not keen on cats and has never been allowed off lead so will need recall training. Animal Care is dedicated to finding each dog the right home. Your circumstances might not be right for every dog but the trained staff are more than happy to help you find a perfect match. Our dog behaviorist Kathryn is here to help any new adopters and a free session with her is encouraged. This is part of our adoption package and is well worth the time. Since Kathryn joined the team the amount of dogs needing further help once in their new homes has gone down to 5%.

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