Hello everybody, my name’s Cola….. I think I got named after that fizzy drink cos I’m very dark in colour!!

I’m another oldie who ‘got lost’, and ended up in one of those pound places. I was in a bit of a mess too, with bald patches

and a funny eye. Now I know I am in a place where I am being looked after well and I feel a bit happier I have improved. I am still having a few tests at the vets to make sure I am okay but so far so good, and even though I say it mysel I am looking good.

My carers love me, cos I give them lots of kisses when they come to see me and take me for walks. I’m such a good girl, I don’t pull on my lead, and don’t take any notice of the other dogs. I like giving the cows a kiss through the gate too!!  I’m not sure what I’d be like with those

little furry cats, but the other day a squirrel ran along the grass and up a tree, I just watched it but didn’t try to chase it……… good am I??

I like going in the car and looking out of the window, and I was a good girl at that vet place too.

So what are you waiting for??  Why don’t you come and meet me? I promise to save some kisses for you!!

Just get in touch with my friend Nikki

(her number is below) or fill in the online application form and someone will call you back.

Lots of love

Cola XXX

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