• Colin (who was called Paddy when he arrived) is a young male saluki x lurcher of around 3 years old. He is 27 inches to the shoulder.
  • He spent a long time straying before he was finally exhausted and caught by a lovely caring lady.
  • He is a shy boy who has likely been badly treated in the past and is looking for a gentle and caring family where he can get and give lots and lots of love!
  • Colin could live with dog savvy kids over the age of 12 who would be gentle around him and understand he is a bit shy
  • He is getting on well with the other dogs in his foster home (both small and large) now he knows they won’t pinch his dinner or his crate!
  • He would be happy as an only dog or could live with other dogs as long as they are laid back – a calm female would be ideal.
  • We know Colin has been worked in the past so would not be suitable to live with small furries or cats. He will need a high fence.
  • He can be left for around 3 hours at a time with just a little crying at first. He is not destructive when left but doesn’t enjoy being crated when on his own (will sleep in a crate at night and eat his food in the crate).
  • He does bark at some other dogs out and about – sometimes he is fine and sometimes he finds them too much. He is improving daily however and taking treats now when he turns away.
  • Housetraining is coming along – bearing in mind Colin has only being living indoors for a couple  of weeks. He may still have accidents.
  • Colin has been really hungry as a stray so food is a high priority to him. He would need to be fed separately from other dogs in the house until he learns they won’t take from him.
  • Colin needs his confidence building up – he is slowly getting used to living in a home and being loved with no conditions attached but is still unconfident on stairs and going through doorways.
  • He walks nicely on the lead in general but will pull and bark at other dogs from time to time.
  • Colin is a shy but loving dog. He is actually very playful and goofy once you gain his trust (which you can do fairly quickly just by being quiet and sitting with him for a few minutes). He has just started to play with toys and loves to investigate mental-stimulating exercises such as bottles filled with treats or interactive games with a handler. He has clearly never lived in a home in his life and has visible scars – both mental and physical – but he is coming on and learning. He adores cuddles and wants to be with you so much. He is at his happiest when he is cuddling with you in bed or on the sofa. Colin has come a long way in a couple of weeks and with routine, time and training, will continue to grow in confidence. In the right home he will be an absolutely fantastic dog.
  • Colin is in foster in Leicester


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