This gorgeous boy is 8 years old, a Husky x Mal and is looking for a foster home, he is a little nervous around male dogs so would prefer to live with ladies however he was walked with a dominant male at his assessment and he did not react at all even when pushed by the other dog.

Cougar is currently left alone up to 8 hours at a time and is living in a rear room of his house alone due to the small dogs in the home he has moved in to not liking him, Cougar is ok with them however they will not accept him and his family know it is unfair for him to be living alone in this way.

Cougar needs a very secure garden as he likes to take himself on walkies and will jump fences as well as open doors, little monkey!

Cougar is neutered and vaccinated, has lived with little people 4+ and loves going for walkies and being fussed lots, he adores his people being around, he does suffer from separation anxiety when left alone however we will give full support and techniques to work on this and it really does get better.

He also has some food aggression with other dogs and will growl and protect his bowl, this can be easily managed by giving him a space of his own away from other dogs whilst he eats.

The gorgeous boy loves to give kisses and is just waiting for the perfect home to go to.

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