Darling, dinky Dan is an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier crossed with something curly furred. He came into Oldies Club care as his previous owner was disabled and could no longer care for him. He’s loving his life in foster in Stockton-On-Tees, Durham while he waits for his perfect new person to find him.  A happy boy in foster: Dan took about two days to feel safe in his foster home and gradually came out of his shell during the first month. His playful side has slowly emerged too and he will now let his foster family know when it’s walkies time with a bark. He knows his rights!

Can be left for a couple of hours: Dan has been left on his own 3 hours and seemed to just hunker down until people returned. He would rather have company most of the time though, as he’s a people person!

Prefers humans to other dogs: Dan seems to think other dogs are utterly pointless… at best. On play dates with other dogs, off lead in the garden, Dan is aloof. Not aggressive, but not wanting to engage either. Whereas with people Dan is charm itself!  When he’s on the lead, Dan can quite the stroppy boots with other dogs. Perhaps the tension in the lead or sense of being confined makes him feel vulnerable. Sometimes he will decide he doesn’t like the cut of their jib straight away and strain on the lead to tell them so. This could probably be worked on with positive training methods but it would be best if he could be walked at a quiet time or place for his regular outings.

Good with cats: Dan used to live happily with a cat and hasn’t shown any interest in the ones he’s seen in passing. With a confident cat and a careful introduction, he should be fine with a feline friend.

Good with older kids: Dan could live with dog savvy teenagers and would be OK with younger visiting children but needs to be able to retreat for a rest.

Dan’s ideal home: An active retired person or couple would be perfect for Dan, although he is open to offers. He really likes to follow you around and be a generally helpful presence with whatever you’re doing, even it’s just watching TV. A secure garden is essential for pottering purposes and a window from which he can see the world go by would be wonderful for him!

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