The adorable Denver has been into us twice as a stray. He was claimed by his owner the first time around but they decided not to have back the second time around and signed him over to us to rehome.
He is fairly laid back although he is finding his feet now and starting to enjoy his puppyhood. He can walk well on the lead but sometimes forgets himself but with continued training he will be amazing. Loves time in the playpen and having a race around and then more than happy to come back for cuddles.
He is good with dogs and has a superb temperament. He has been a working dog up until now and he is rather liking the idea that he doesn’t have to work for his dinner and he would dearly love to have a sofa to call his own. He will make a fantastic addition to the family but it would have to be one with no cats or small furries.
No children under 5 years
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