Dexter is a delightful young dog, who was unfortunately born deaf. He was rescued by another organisation from a pound in the UK where he was at risk of being put to sleep , and we took him on for them.

Dexter is a very active boy with a huge desire to communicate despite his disability. He is probably one of the most intelligent dogs we ever had, with an enormous potential for working things out.

He will need a family who will appreciate his ways, his gift and will enjoy the journey of getting to know him as the wonderful and fun individual that he is. His deafness does not hinder him at all, it just means that Dexter relies on his sight a great deal to understand his world. He is a very active dog, always on the go and very much needs a family who will be able to give him the exercise and the mental stimulation he requires. We would not place Dexter with first time dog owners, but a relaxed family with dog ownership experience. To meet the wonderful Dexter please contact us via the application form online.

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