Hey I’m ‘Dopey Diesel’ at @LeicsAnimalAid a friendly go happy lad who loves everyone. This face is to die for and I have created a few admirers already and can’t wait to start off a portfolio once in a new home. I am a wriggly bum who still needs to grow into my feet and I love the Vet especially when I get a treat from them. I enjoy travelling in the car so get those bags packed for the beach as you’re not leaving me behind! My bottom is small enough to squeeze in-between older children and possibly another dog.

Being so smart at such a young age I love learning and am progressing with my mental stimulation. I need to mature a bit more first in order to complete the agility course and enjoy running around off lead. I am gaining confidence everyday and my carers are so proud of my progress, praising me and making me feel like a big boy! I’m slowly getting used to being on the lead but do require a strong walker as I am quite giddy and excited for my walks.

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