Digby!!!! sympathetic kind owner needed.

Digby is a very loyal and loving 2 years old terrier who has been hurt and is scared so may snap in self defence. This is not because he is aggressive and he shouldn’t be told off because this would add to his fear. He doesn’t like being stroked as it makes him anxious. THEREFORE NO CHILDREN PLEASE. Once he gains trust in you by your constant gentle handling he will be the most loyal dog and your best friend.

He is a proper little dog with lots of hunting instinct so his off lead recall is dependant upon what else is scurrying through the bushes for him to chase.

This lad is so easy to live with you don’t know you’ve got him. Will do anything for a treat. photo shows him licking lips after a treat. This makes him very trainable.

Looking for a home with
Countryside home Digby would be better suited to a small holding or home with land
Experienced, mature, patient owners
No children
Plenty of exercise – the more he gets the better
Very secure garden
Can live with another dog but not essential
Pet home not a working home – he must live indoors not outside in a kennel

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