Dinky is a beautiful, gentle girl. Still full of life at 11 she enjoys her regular walks and is very enthusiastic when she meets new friends, humans and dogs! Can be a little nervous about new dogs when on a lead and shows this by barking, this behaviour is improving and off the lead she is fine and shows no aggression. Good recall. She loves company, is cat and child friendly. Not been tested with toddlers/ babies.
Dinky shows food aggression but only at feeding time so would need to be fed separately to avoid any incidents, she does not show any aggression with treats though and will happily sit with her furry foster siblings and wait her turn for a biscuit. She will speak for a treat. Dinky had some separation anxiety but this has vastly improved and she can be left for 2-3 hours without any problems. She will happily follow you around and likes nothing better than just sleeping on the settee near to you

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